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Sauna Therapy

I purchased my first Relax Sauna at a medical conference 4 years ago and it has changed my life!  Prior to utilizing sauna therapy, I would never sweat, which means that my body was not detoxing properly.  I now use my sauna regularly (3-5 days per week), and I have noticed a tremendous difference in how I'm feeling.  The benefits I experience include: more energy, improved clarity of thought, dramatically less brain fog, improved quality of sleep, fewer infections, weight loss, less bloating and puffiness, improved mood, and quicker recovery from muscle pain and injury. 


I use my Relax Sauna year-round, but it feels AMAZING to hop in on a cold winter’s evening!  One of the most dramatic changes I notice is an almost immediate improvement in mental clarity after sitting in my sauna for 15-20 minutes.  I am sensitive to EMF exposure, and time in my sauna is exactly what I need to feel like myself again after a day of working on my computer or phone.  I have used other saunas in the past, but did not experience any of these benefits other than leaving the sauna feeling hot and sweaty.  Another benefit of Relax Saunas is that they are small and portable.  Assembly and disassembly are easy and I can even travel with my sauna!

I strongly recommend far-infrared sauna therapy for anyone who is in need of detoxification

and improved relaxation!

For more information, go to


Enter the Promo Code: YHY75 for $75 off your sauna purchase,

or contact me directly at 248-453-6643 to

receive $150 off your sauna purchase.

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